Raycon earbuds e55

Raycon is, of course, an electronics brand by one William Raymond Norwood Jr. So, how did we get here? Despite being an unapologetic fan of Ray J—I will never apologize for being a fan of entertainment. Ray J is entertainment personified—I did not buy these earbuds purely because of any fandom for Ray.

Also, be very clear: I purchased the earbuds; this is not a sponsored review by any means, measure or melody. I have also purchased several pairs of earbuds.

raycon earbuds e55

Her right Pod is this what you call a singular one? I was going to gift her my current pair and cop a new pair of Apple AirPods, which I think are just fine soundwise but fall short in the fit and have a propensity to fall out of the ear if you do too much moving.

So I went to the googles and pulled up several reviews of his E25 headphones he has two earbuds, the E25 and the higher-end, more expensive E55 and every single review I saw had nothing but positive things to say about both the fit and, more importantly, the sound. Particularly, the low end was lauded.

raycon earbuds e55

Is this true? Of course, it is. Of course, I did. I decided to take a shot; plus, love or hate him, Ray J is a black business owner and I try to bet on black whenever possible. I placed my order on Monday, Dec. On the website, you can order them in one of six colors black, white, gold, blue, red or pink. I purchased mine in red, which according to the website, is now sold out.

There will be a lot of sad Bloods running around this Christmas. They literally paired immediately to my iPhone put a pin in this, it becomes a slight issue later.

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This alleviates that from jump. I cannot stress to you how hard I laughed at this when I first heard it. If you know this song and are into mixing and sound, you get it. And the E55s handled the shit out of this song. The low end is phenomenal, but it does a really good job of catching what sounds like a studio mix of the record.Power your way to the top with our best-selling earbud.

Love them or send them back. Take premium sound everywhere you go. These earbuds are made to help you conquer the world.

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This is what happens when input from platinum artists meets real customer feedback. The Performer Earbuds deliver precision tuned, high-fidelity sound.

And we dropped in bass boosted audio cores and the latest chipset to give your music and podcasts the sound they deserve.

Which is better Raycon E25 or E55? Worth spending more?

The Performer Earbuds tailor themselves to you. To give you the best fit possible, we designed them from real ears and gave them customizable soft-comfort gel tips. Even though you might forget you're wearing them, they're bound to make a statement. The case is fully compatible with a Qi-compatable charging mat so you can juice up on the move. Our Performer Earbuds are compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones, tablets, and computers regardless of the brand.

As long as you can select the earbuds on the device, you should be good to go! Just go to the Bluetooth settings on your desired device, click Raycon E55 Earbuds and enjoy. The Performer Earbuds are poolside safe and workout ready. The Raycon Limited One-Year Warranty covers any manufacturer defects within the first year of purchase. If the sounds bugs out on you or your capsule randomly stops charging, we have you covered. If you're looking for a high quality pair of earbuds without the hassle of adding another "equipment item" to your cell phone bill, then these are the right pair for you.

Whether for staying fired up while exercising, or drowning out background noise in the office, these earbuds have not let me down. Need more convincing? My wife recently tried them out on her run. I'm buying her own pair now. Enough said. Earbuds work well!

Raycon Earbuds Review

Customer service was responsive and helpful when 1st order went missing.We purchase our own headphones and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The Raycon E55 are the upgraded version of the Raycon E50 Truly Wirelessalthough their sound performance is noticeably warmer and packs a lot more bass.

These headphones are portable, fairly comfortable for in-ears, and are a good option for sports, but if you're not a bass-fan, these won't be for you. On the upside, their 5-hour battery life is decent for truly wireless headphones. Note: These headphones only seem to be available via Raycon's website. Okay for mixed usage. They'll be good for active people who want stable and portable headphones. Their warm sound profile might also keep you pumped with bass-heavy music, but it won't be great for neutral listening.

On the upside, they have a decent isolation performance, which can be used in a commute or at the office, although you'll have to recharge them often as they won't last through a full day of work. Sub-par for neutral listening. These in-ear headphones have a very dark and warm sound profile with overemphasized bass. These aren't an option for neutral listening. Decent for commuting. They're really portable, but unfortunately, they won't drown out the engine rumble of a bus or train.

On the upside, they do a good job at blocking ambient chatter.

Raycon E55 Review (THE TRUTH!)

Their battery life should be long enough for your daily commute, but might not be enough for long flights. Great for sports. Thanks to their truly wireless design, they're quite portable and breathable. Also, these headphones have a built-in rigid stability fin, which makes them very stable if you have a nice fit.

Their warm and bass-heavy sound profile can keep you pumped, and they're rated IPX4 for water resistance. Mediocre for the office. In-ears might not be comfortable for everyone to wear during a full work-day, and their 5-hour battery life won't be long enough for a whole day either. Bad for wireless gaming. Truly wireless headphones are usually not designed for gaming, as you'll get noticeable latency due to the Bluetooth connection.

Sub-par for phone calls. Their microphone performance is quite bad, with recorded speech that sounds muffled and lacks detail. You're still understandable in quiet environments, but in slightly loud situations, the mic picks up environment noises too. They're decently stylish truly wireless headphones that come in various colors to suit your preferred style. They're fairly small and don't protrude out of your ears too much. The Raycon E55 are decently comfortable for in-ear headphones.

They don't put too much pressure on the inside of your ear and don't enter your ear canal too deeply. They also come with multiple tip options, allowing you to find a more comfortable fit.

However, the rigid stability fin might be bothersome for some, especially when listening during long periods.

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On the upside, they're very lightweight. It's straightforward and easy to get used to. Unfortunately, while having volume control is nice, triple taps take a long time to make multiple volume changes.

Like all in-ear headphones, these don't trap much heat inside or around your ear, meaning you shouldn't sweat more when using them while working out.The AirPods pro comes in a little white box with the image of the headphones on the front. Apple seems to have taken a minimalist packaging approach whereas the Raycont take a completely different route for their packaging. The Raycon E55 packaging is a sea green color. It has the image of the earbuds on the front and all the specs on the front, on the back of the packaging for the AirPods, they have an image of the headphones in the case.

Also for the Raycon E55, they have an image of the headphones in the case on the back of the box. Opening the lid for the AirPods Pro comes off smooth and satisfyingly. Raycon E55 earbuds lid stays on via magnets. You get an insert right away when removing both of the tops. After those who get the headphones below the Raycon is a fancy metal thing with five different ear tip sizes.

For the AirPods Pro, there are two more pairs of ear tips and a charging cable. Now for the design of the case, they both come in pretty small cases. The case for the Raycon earbuds E55 is a bit smaller in length and width wise.

But they are taller than the AirPods. The Raycon earbuds have a matte texture that covers pretty much the whole case. The lid for the Raycon E55 is pretty satisfying but I wish it would stay opens a bit better.

The AirPods Pro lid stays open better and has a bit more satisfying closing noise. They both have wireless charging. Both of the earbuds stay down with magnets. Now for the design of the earbuds, removing both that earbuds at the same time and looking at the two side by side, they look nothing alike. The Raycon E55 earbuds come in seven different colors.

So you get more options with the Raycon earbuds. They both have an interior designed with the Silicon ear tips. The Raycon earbuds E55 kind of seem fat and when you hold them in your hands, but personally, they fit really well in my ears. And I think that they fit a bit sleeker than the AirPods. The AirPods pro keep it better hold in my ear though for me. Airpods pro have ear sensors on them, so when you pull them out of your ear, they will pause automatically. The Raycon E55 have no sensors like this.

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For the touch functions, the AirPods pro have a little squeezed Pat on the side. And the Raycon headphones have a little button on the side to press. For the Raycon E55, a button is difficult to press and it can hurt your ear when you press it. They both connect automatically when you pull them out of the cases.Sincethe popularity of earbuds has increased worldwide.

With no cords, long battery life, and the introduction of charging cases they are a great alternative to cord using alternatives. You can have a truly wireless listening experience with music, podcasts, or while watching TV. But how do you know which brand or model to buy? Finding earbuds with good sound, battery life, and style can be difficult.

Raycon wireless earbuds are an attractive and affordable option great for everyday use. Are Raycon earbuds good quality? In this review, we will answer that question and more. After this Raycon wireless earbuds review, you can know which option is best for you. The goal of Raycon was to be a market disruptor. Raycon teamed up with expert sound engineers and platinum artists to deliver high-quality sound in every pair of earbuds. Raycon is all about the customer, and they want to ensure every purchaser has a positive experience.

The Everyday E25 Earbuds are the most economical option on the website.

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The design is for people looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of headphones to boost their day. Whether you are riding the train to work or headed for a workout these earbuds are a good option.

The most compact earbuds sold by Raycon, the E25 is easy to transport. The small size allows for the compact charging case to easily fit inside your pocket. With a width of 2. The earbuds themselves are also small and fit comfortably into your ears. These earbuds are also a good option for the gym. The E25 comes with 5 extra gel tips so you can find the best fit for your specific ear.In this article you will be able to decide which one to buy and why.

Ray J on his website mentions that …. Here at Raycon, we design premium true wireless audio products for a fraction of the price, so you can enjoy great sound every day. Raycon E25 Earbuds are meant for daily use and hence kept at an affordable price range compared to other Raycon products such as E50 or E Raycon E55 Earbuds are supposed to be an upgrade in terms of wireless chargin g technology and improved battery backupgood for athletes and active listeners.

Basically the Sound quality of both earbuds is at the same level, but E55 performs bit better than E I have included Raycon E50 model too although its discontinuedjust to give you an idea over where the other two lies. The table shows background color differences and similar features are merged so that you need not think on them during comparison. They will be equally good for the weekends.

Raycon E55 The Performer Review: Not worth the hype

If you want to get an upgradefeel free to go for E55 with improvements. As said earlier, these are the most compact wireless earbuds designed for everyday need, be it office, travel or weekend grind. Raycon E25 Earbuds are designed with help of latest technology and knowledge from the singers, making it suitable for continuous listening or daily use.

The high performance driver backed by powerful built-in battery, ensures crystal clear sound delivery throughout the day. The snug fit is ensured by set of ear tips that are packaged inside the box offers a customizable soft-gel fit. Carrying them with you is bit easy with the compact charging case with large curvatures making it east to tuck inside pockets in a second. With compact battery pack in these tiny buds, you still get long 6 hours of playtime or call time.

raycon earbuds e55

Further the charging case extends life to super 24 hours! Although E55 are slightly minutely bigger than E25, they are compact in comparison to the competition still delivering the same premium sound. Being from the Music industry it was east for Raycon to incorporate the real life customer experience and feedback while crafting the earbud design.

E55 deliver better balance of Hi-Mid-Lows compared to E25, further the latest chipset makes bass boosted audio possible. I will say they will be perfect for playing the favorite music and podcasts throughout the day while you work in office. First thing is that shape of E55 provides better fit to my ears compared to E25s. Surely the curvatures and shape of E55 is designed referencing the ear canal sizes fro actual people as they claim on the website so that the shape suits to most of the population which is further assisted by different sized soft-comfort gel tips.

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Compared to E25, the upgrade E55 provides super convenience using the wireless charging case. Not only you forget pain of putting them in micro USB, but also you get extra long life of 36 hours with charging case. This makes them perfect companion over long weekends. The case is fully compatible with a Qi-compatible charging mat which allows you to charge on-the-go. IPX4 rating indicates protecting against splashes, so do not ever wear them in shower or swimming or rains.

IPX4 will surely make them safe for workouts sweat proof or even wear them on poolside enjoyment. With Bluetooth 5. All that you have to do is take out the headphones out of the case, both headphones will power ON automatically and in ready to pair situation.Clearly a marketing-heavy hype machine, we found ourselves wondering: Are Raycons actually good?

Since Raycon spends so much of its efforts on marketing, it should come as no surprise that the box is pretty darn great. Even the shipping box is Raycon branded, and the actual product box inside offers exactly what I would expect from a higher-end earbud brand.

The buds are nestled gently in the case below that, with a charging cable and extra eartips in a small square box next to it. Speaking of eartips, Raycon includes five total silicon eartip sizes, which is more than most companies offer. I personally have very small ear canals, so I swapped out the tips that come attached to the buds for their smallest size.

The Raycon charging case is delightfully small and light, making even the petite Jabra 75t case look big by comparison. No complaints there. While charging, a little LED next to the port will glow red. When done, it glows green. So the fact that we got this far with an otherwise high-quality experience only to find the buds to be below that mark is disappointing.

Disappointing quality aside, the Raycon earbuds do fit really well in my ear. They actually fit and hold in place better than the AirPods, which surprised me. I also appreciate how flat they lay against my head. More than a handful of times I would put them away and go into another room only to find my iPhone was still connected and trying to send sound to them. The buds have physical buttons on both the left and right, and they largely work pretty well.

You can pause, play, skip, answer and hang up the phone, and even control volume through a series of different Morse code-esque taps, and they worked as advertised. Just, fine. They do the job, offering heavier than standard bass but not nearly class-leading in that regard. When I initially put them in, I admit I was at first enamored by how much skull-pounding bass they were capable of throwing out, but eventually tired of it because that bass overwhelms the mids and the highs to the point they crush the details.

Overall, I think the EQ is off for those who want to hear everything in their music, but they should suffice if you just want to enjoy the beat from your favorite song. The bass is actually stronger in the Jabra Elite 65ts and the Elite 75ts are even betterand those also let you adjust EQ via an app so you can tailor the listening experience to your specifications.

That leads to another downside of the Raycon earbuds: They do not have an app, so what you hear is what you get. That said, the noise isolation you get with these feels sub-par. It might be the flimsy build quality, but without music playing, I can quite easily hear everything going on around me despite them being firmly plugged into my ears. You can hear the other end perfectly fine, but they will struggle to make out your voice as the earbuds make you sound like a mix of being underwater and varying degrees of far away.

Raycon says its buds should last six hours per charge and up to 36 total with the six recharges available in the case. I wore these for a full workday, eight hours, and they continued to plug along without problems. I think you should probably expect six hours, but if you grab a pair they might actually last longer than that, which is nice. Raycon offers a one-year warranty, which is pretty standard.

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